Monday Morning Nerd News Top 5

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1. German teen struck in hand by meteorite. Still waiting for hand to develop sentience, superpowers, bloodlust.

2. The trailer for The Time Traveler’s Wife is out. Millions of unsuspecting women are exposed to CGI for the first time. Controversial footage of Erica Bana time-traveling to halt production of Ang Lee’s Hulk before it begins not shown. Ha ha ha ha ha! Burn. (Alternate joke: Erica Bana also played a time-traveler in Star Trek, so he time-traveled in both movies … so that’s funny too … )

3. Spent weekend reading Soulless, by Gail Carriger, about a Victorian London in which vampires and werewolves are integrated uneasily into the general population. It’s great. It’s not out till September, but Erica Bana got me a copy. Aha. Ha. No, I just got an advance copy at BookExpo.

4. Penny Arcade has posted the third of its three new large-format, high concept projects. You choose which they pursue first. Yes You! (After some initial hesitation, I’m voting for “Lookouts.”) (Possibly in response to this PvP has gone large-format and non-continuity too, adding Binwin Bronzebottom (from the PvP/PA/WW D&D sessions) to the Ding! universe.)

5. Incredible piece in The New Scientist (via io9) about the struggle to bust the Conficker worm.:

“The thing could use domains like oxygen,” says Rick Wesson of Support Intelligence, a network security company in San Francisco. “If you take them over, the fire should go out.”

Plus bonus wargaming porn. This from ARMA II, which is out for PC later this month. (Via Kotaku):