Thursday Morning Omnipost

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I have to run and get on a train, and my new iPhone has chosen this moment to apparently take its own life, maybe because it couldn’t face an eternity of running Wurdle over and over again. I will vent my frustration on you with a hasty and incoherent blog post.

Not that the world isn’t, on its own, fundamentally incoherent. Evidence: Fast and Furious 4 “helmer” Justin Lin is apparently going to remake Highlander. Meanwhile they’re making sequels to Daredevil and Ghost Rider. And apparently David Cronenberg is remaking his own movie, The Fly. I don’t see any obvious explanation for any of this.

And if that isn’t enough, Microsoft appears to be in danger of actually producing a useful consumer technology product. This is a demo of its new dual-screen tablet project, Courier, a project apparently belonging to Xbox wunderkind J Allard:


This can’t be awesome. It must be lame. If only I could figure out why … or how …