Rumor: Rorschach To Play Sinestro In Upcoming Green Lantern Flick

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It’s one thing to cast Ryan Reynolds for the upcoming Green Lantern movie but the possibility of bringing Jackie Earle Haley to lead the charge against the emerald green do-gooders leaves us rather giddy. At the moment, Haley is only intrigued by the idea but hasn’t officially signed on to be Hal Jordan’s former mentor and current arch-nemesis. But that’s not all, says Aint It Cool.

This, too, is just scuttlebutt, but sources close to the film have mentioned the possibility of Superman making an appearance in the film the way Nick Fury and Tony Stark have done in the Marvel Universe.

Aside from the recent string of Batman films directed by Nolan, have any other DC-based movies done well? Superman Returns was abysmal and I suppose the Watchmen movie was okay, but nothing else comes to mind. Thoughts on either rumor?