Apple Store Is Down, Rumors Abound

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I hate to pull the trigger early, but the Apple Store is down and we all know how much Apple loves Tuesdays. Normally, I wouldn’t be concerned or think anything of it, but it all started last night when Dan Lyons took a jab at John Gruber.

Can’t tell you what, obviously. But there’s something brewing. Gruber doesn’t know about it, but the people we care about are being briefed in advance. Stay close to your Mac or iPhone, and have your credit card ready.

Gruber isn’t one to take such things lightly and fired back with a gaggle of products that Apple will purportedly release today. The list includes redesigned plastic MacBooks, redesigned iMacs, updated Minis, a multi-touch mouse and some new fangled multi-touch trackpad doohickey for desktops. I’m intrigued by the trackpad but little else.

I know most of you like BSG, but what side of the OS fence are you on? Or do you not care about these sorts of things? Help me help you.