The Top 10 Games of 2009

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The other day Peter and I were floating around on our hoversofas being fed grapes by our sexy robot servants when the question of the year’s top 10 games came up.

It seems ridiculously early in the year, but for various reasons having to do with the exciting field of magazine production, we have to start thinking about it.

So here are the slam dunks from where I sit:

Killzone 2. God, was that this year? I guess it was. It seems like it came out several historical epochs ago. I still don’t think it’s enough to justify buying a PS3, but I guess the best-looking shooter, like, ever should probably go on the list.

Halo: ODST. A model for how to refresh a franchise. Yeah, it’s not a technical breakthrough or anything, but they took the existing tech and universe and used it to generate a totally different experience, narratively and emotionally. I wouldn’t have thunk it possible.

Prototype. OK, I didn’t finish it. But it was jazzy, and I’m pathetically partial to anything that can be called original IP. I think Penny Arcade made the only point worth making about this game.

Scribblenauts. The possibilities are endless! Look, it says it right there on the box! Endless.

Geo-Defense Swarm. We should do something to honor the continued maturation of the iThing as a gaming platform. Plus, I’m better at it than Quittner.

Five down, five to go. What am I missing? More grapes here, CyberCheryl!