Panel of the Week

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Every week we’re going to pull out some of our favorite images from the comics we’ve been reading. We’re going to call it Panel of the Week! As you might have read in Lev’s post we love naming things. So let’s get right into it.

Punisher #11

As we saw recently in Dark Reign, Wolverine’s son, Daken, was sent after the Punisher. The result of that was Frank Castle getting sliced up into little pieces and thrown into a NYC sewer. In Punisher #11 Morbius, the living vampire, takes those pieces and sews them back up to make FrankenCastle! Behold!

Invincible #68

A while back in Invincible one of the nigh-unbeatable members of the Viltrumite race showed up on Earth to take on our hero. One of the bloodiest battles in Invincible history ensued ending with Conquest a wet pulp and Mark with broken limbs. Conquest did not die, however, and seconds after finally waking up he destroys his prison and escapes.

Flash: Rebirth #5

As DC slowly brings Barry Allen back into the spotlight in Flash: Rebirth the series villain also steps forward. Professor Zoom, the Reverse Flash, is poisoning the speed force and here admits that he did, in fact, kill Barry’s Mom! Dun dun dun!

Hulk #604

Well, Bruce Banner can allegedly never turn into the Hulk again after a brush with Red Hulk (Rulk). In the meantime Banner has been traipsing around the Marvel Universe with his son Skaar training the little tyke in how to kill the Hulk should he ever face him. At the end of the issue they get a call from NYC, the ‘Four’ are taking on some huge monsters. Time to learn by doing.

Dark Reign The List: Spider-Man

Norman Osborn has a list. The last item on the list? Spidey. But Peter Parker will uses his greatest weapon against the once (and future?) Goblin. Information! For those hoping for the knock down drag out between Webs and the Iron Patriot you’ll have to wait for Norman’s eventual unraveling, probably during Siege. For now, here’s a introspective Spidey just chillin’.