Cignias (who?) Launches NAO Music Docking Stations

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I’ve never heard of Cignias, but the Toronto-based company will be formally announcing two “advanced wireless music stations” tomorrow morning. I’ll be telling you about them just because I can.

The NAO Symphony and Symphony Noir look like your run of the mill all-in-one iPod docking stations, but these ones allow you to control said iPod wirelessly via an iPhone or BlackBerry. You can also stream music from your Bluetooth-enabled device or a Wi-Fi-enabled BlackBerry. There are corresponding apps for the BlackBerry and iPhone, which allow you to control and see playlists, albums, genres, etc. The Noir adds wireless volume control for devices that are connected through an auxiliary input.

Both models can be updated with new firmware in case Cignias decides to add new features. Both models pump out 40 watts of power from a two 4-inch speakers.

The NAO Symphony and Symphony Noir will retail for $299. The iPhone app is currently available for download but the BlackBerry app not so much.