Paranormal Activity Stirs on DVD Dec. 29

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Depending on who you talk to, “Paranormal Activitiy” is either the terrifying DIY indie thriller of the decade, or an amateurish overhyped hack-job. But given that it made more than $100 million at the box office – after costing less to make than a new car – here’s a good bet that the debates which started in packed movie theaters across the country will continue right on into the living room.

Paramount announced just minutes ago that Oren Peli’s haunted hit will arrive on DVD Tuesday, Dec. 29, complete with an unrated alternate ending that promises a whole new set of scares. The Blu-Ray will also include a digital copy – which leads me to wonder how successfully this sort of grainy, cerebral terror can transfer from a stadium seating environment to a 42-inch LCD flat-screen, or a 15-inch MacBook.

Heck, how about watching it on an iPhone. Are those bumps in the night still scary when you’re watching them in an overlit subway car?