Happy Thanksgiving From The AppleGeeks

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What are we thankful for? We’re thankful for laptops and iPods with sleek interfaces. We’re thankful for how simple you make our computing lives. We’re thankful for the app store, so that we have something to do on long train rides. We’re thankful for the Mac Tablet (hint hint). We’re thankful for the old Apple IIGS, because how else would we have played Oregon Trail in 1st grade? We’re thankful for the smoothness of workflow that our Macs provide every day. We’re thankful that our geeky love of your products and aesthetic led us down a road to comics in web and print, and we’re thankful for you – all of you guys and gals that join us for this crazy trip every day.

Image by Mohammad F. Haque.
Words by Ananth Panagariya.