The Five Greatest Gadgets of All Time

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For reasons unknown to me I’ve been asked to declare what I presume to be the five greatest gadgets of all time. No simple task considering the vast number of gizmos and doodads that have been feverishly churned out over the last millennia. But we’re not talking about things that have had some revolutionary impact on society, you know, like the wheel or something.

Below are five things that have had some significant impact on my life, which is why I’ve deemed them the five greatest gadgets of all time. Opinions will vary and I’m sure to get some flak for it, but to each his own. There are far too many really cool gadgets out there and to quantify into a list of five is nearly impossible. Actually, it is impossible.

So in no particular order here’s my list.

Nintendo NES: this little grey box sparked a lifelong obsession with video games. I sincerely regret handing down my original NES to a cousin over 20 years ago. I picked one up off eBay a few weeks back, but I’m still looking for a working copy of R.C. Pro-Am.
Polaroid Camera: instant gratification. Duh.
RIM 850: when times were simpler and all you really wanted was just your e-mail. You should think about releasing an updated 850, RIM.
iPhone: I am in no way an Apple fanboy and while I prefer Android, the iPhone really has been revolutionary for the industry as a whole.
Printing Press: don’t tell me to read books, magazines, newspapers and comic books on an eReader or I’ll punch you.

There you have it. I’ve done what’s been asked of me and I feel pretty good about it.