Tweetie 2.1 Update Is Here, Now Supports Lists

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Just a quick heads up that atebits’ Tweetie 2 for the iPhone is being upgraded to 2.1 and will be available in the App Store in a matter of hours now. The free update for current Tweetie 2 owners will add features such as native retweeting, lists and geotagging. Lists, people! It’s quite possibly the best Twitter app available for iPhone and iPod Touch owners. The desktop app isn’t bad either. Check out all the wares here.

In case you’re wondering what was fixed or added to Tweetie 2.1 I’ve gone ahead and listed out everything that’s important, according to me:

-Lists (create, edit, manage, and more)
-Report Spam (via new API)
-Tweet stream “gap” detection
-What the Trend
-UI tweaks
-Handle “@user/list” links
-New video options: Posterous, Mobypicture,

(via Tweetie’s Twitter)