Nokia Plans 1 Maemo Device For Next Year, Still Loves Symbian

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Reuters is reporting that Nokia only has plans for one Maemo device next year. Maemo is a Linux-based OS, in case you didn’t know. It’s currently only available on the N900, which is ridiculously expensive, but it’s actually not a bad device. Aside from being a huge brick, the OS is a legitimate contender to the current crop of smartphones on the market. But Nokia is still “fully committed” to Symbian and that will be their undoing.

Nokia is notorious for saying, “we sell one million handsets a day!” To which everyone tech journalist replies, “yeah, in India.” It’s an ongoing joke that Nokia doesn’t seem to understand and if this report is true then they’re putting themselves even further behind the rest of the pack. Does anyone have a recent Nokia that isn’t a freebie?