King Con Video: Brooklyn Comic Artists Survey the Past, Present and Future

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San Diego’s Comic-Con is hard to beat in terms of marketing dollars or Hollywood heavyweights. But when it comes to artists welcoming fans into their back yards, King Con has a local flavor all its own. This Brooklyn-based comic and animation convention prides itself on celebrating all the creative types who have set up shop in the lofts and studios of Brooklyn – otherwise known as Kings County – putting the focus on the individuals who have helped to advance an artform.

In an age when comics are leading the mainstream pop culture, it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise to see conventions near Hollywood, or in the metropolis that is Manhattan. But many writers and animators live and work a world away from the major publishers and studios, embracing instead the more affordable corners of Brooklyn. This year’s King Con Brooklyn event played out a few weeks ago at 4th Ave. and President St., and’s Stefania Rousselle was there, to talk with the gathered artists about how their morally ambiguous visions clash with the whites and blacks of the past, and also about the possibilities that lie ahead in a future of digitized comics. Her video is above.

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