AT&T Drops Silly Lawsuit Against Verizon Wireless

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Oh goodness. I’m glad that Verizon and AT&T have dropped those silly lawsuits against each other over those ridiculous 3G network ads. I was really losing sleep over them. I have to wonder, though, whether or not AT&T’s Luke Wilson ads were even worth the money. Who cares what he has to say? I’m not sure who handles AT&T’s multimedia campaigns, but they really dropped the ball on that one. You can check out the official dismissal here in PDF format.

In a completely unrelated lawsuit that was also dropped it turns out that Verizon had sued AT&T back in July. For what? Verizon wanted to make it clear that their taglines over having the best 3G network were actually true. Ridiculous, right? IMHO, they’re both pretty lame, but at least the nightmare is over. Here’s the official dismissal in PDF format.

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