Tiger Woods’ Car Crash, Argument Re-enacted with The Sims

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Whether you care about Tiger Woods or not, the news media is no doubt clamoring for a satisfactory explanation of the golf superstar’s recent car accident.

With Tiger’s lips tightly sealed, we can only speculate as to what happened that night. Though there’s talk of possible surveillance video from his swanky Florida neighborhood, no video footage has surfaced yet.

So what’s a celebrity-hungry news outlet to do? Make your own virtual representation of the accident, of course.

(More from Time.com: Tiger Learns: Personal Sins Do Require Press Releases)

A Chinese news outlet has re-created the car crash using Electronic Arts’ PC game, The Sims. They even re-enacted the fight that Tiger reportedly had with his wife about his extramarital activities, depicting her chasing down his car with a golf club. Beat that, TMZ.


(via MTV Multiplayer)

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