Unboxing The Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

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What started off as a cruel, cruel joke has turned into reality.

For April Fool’s Day this year, online geek supplier ThinkGeek.com put up a fake listing for a Star Wars Tauntaun sleeping bag. Complete with an internal intestine-like patten and a lightsaber zipper pull, the bag references the scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Han Solo slices open the bipedal beast and places a frostbitten Luke Skywalker among its entrails to keep him warm on the planet Hoth.

Star Wars dorks like myself were fooled and saddened by the prank, but following a huge response from fans, ThinkGeek went out and sought a license from Lucasfilm to actually make them.

That brings us to now. My pre-ordered Tauntaun sleeping bag arrived in the mail over Thanksgiving break, and what follows are photos of the unboxing:

China, Hoth... same thing.

Not a fake this time: The certificate of authenticity.

Yes, I was excited... and only a little bit ashamed.

The lightsaber zipper pull.

Did you know that Tauntauns are made up entirely of intestines?

Unlike the original fake version, the real sleeping bag fits adults (though I am arguably the size of a small child).

The Tauntaun sleeping bag is available at ThinkGeek.com for $99, though it’s currently backordered.

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