Wii Fit Plus Review

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With the holiday season now officially in full swing, most American waistbands will be taking the bullet train to Fat City with stops at Flab Creek, Pudge Crossing, and Chub Junction. And while many of us won’t experience any shortage of delicious holiday treats, we’ll almost certainly all be short on time.

For about the price of a month or two at the gym, Wii owners can pick up the wildly popular Wii Fit Plus package (Wii Fit Plus game + Balance Board)  and work out at home whenever time permits. The package runs for around $100, or current Balance Board owners can simply upgrade to Wii Fit Plus for $20.

If you already own Wii Fit, you’ll find Wii Fit Plus to be pretty much exactly as the name implies. It’s Wii Fit, “plus” some extra stuff. Thankfully those extras — custom linear workouts, measurements of calories burned, more balance games and cardio exercises — help to justify the $20 upgrade.

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That being said, there are only a few new strength and yoga exercises and the custom workouts are limited to only one routine saved at a time. Those custom workouts, too, only allow you to choose from strength and yoga exercises, so mixing in some cardio and balance games to break up the monotony is a no-go.

Overall, Wii Fit Plus has addressed some of the shortcomings presented in the original Wii Fit, although the implementation of many of the new features feels a bit underwhelming. The new games, the calorie measurement, and the ability to create your own workouts are all welcome additions but if you’re not going to take advantage of any of those things, you won’t miss much by sticking with the original.

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