Let The Parodies Begin: The Tiger Woods ‘Parking Slam’ Game

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It’s been just one week since world-famous golfer Tiger Woods got into a car accident due to his wife allegedly chasing after him with a golf club.

So of course there’s already an online game making fun of him for it (in addition to this ridiculous virtual re-enactment).

Today AddictingGames.com, the maker of timely Flash games like Shut Up Kanye, is launching Tiger Parking Slam. The new game lets players take on the unenviable role of the athlete as he tries to win the coveted “Parking Cup” by successfully parking in his neighbors’ driveways.

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The obstacles include trees, fire hydrants, the paparazzi, the police and “a familiar-looking blonde swinging golf clubs at his car.” If Tiger parks his Escalade in time without wrecking it, he’ll win a Parking Cup trophy. And if he wins all four? It’s a “Parking Grand Slam.” I kid you not.

If you’re a Tiger fan and think this is in poor taste, too bad. AddictingGames says they’re not doing anything different than what late-night talk show hosts do every night. “We spoof a lot of celebrities and politicians, and if you make news doing something outrageous, you’re fair game,” said David Williams, senior vice president of Nickelodeon Kids and Family Games Group.

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I gave the game a try, and I have to say, it’s definitely not one of AddictingGames.com’s most addicting offerings. But Williams hopes that players will at least get “a good laugh and a few minutes of fun” trying to beat it.

Sorry, Tiger. Good luck getting through this one.

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