Panel of the Week 12/3/09

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Well, as I mentioned on Tuesday we didn’t get new comics until Thursday this week. Thursday! The humanity. However we were rewarded with some great scenes this week. From introspective insanity to cranial frappe’s here is Panel of the Week!

Siege: The Cabal
Well, it is finally happening. The wheels are coming off for Norman Osborn and his whole operation. In a quiet moment Norman takes a break to converse with his oldest and most trusted ally. The Green Goblin. It’s gotta be cheaper than a shrink right?

Atom Eve & Rex Splode #2
Now, it’s true Rex Splode’s power set is ripped off nearly exactly from Gambit. Fine. But has Gambit in all his years as an X-Man ever charged up a man’s eye glasses and then made them explode that man’s entire head? No? Well then Remy, Splode’s got some apples for you.

Blackest Night Wonder Woman #1
I was wondering how there was going to be a Wonder Woman series coming out this week when she was clearly zombiefied in last week’s Blackest Night #5? I guess DC is going a bit out of continuity. Oh well, I’ll have to be satisfied with Nicola Scott’s outstanding renditions of the ultimate Amazon.

Dark Avengers Annual #1
When we last saw Marvel Boy he was doing the walk of shame from evil Ms. Marvel’s room in the Dark Avenger’s HQ. Shortly after he left the team to do some soul searching about the fact that he was part of an evil organization. On the run and struggling to understand humanity and his new home Noh-Varr contacts the Kree homeworld and gets a brand new uniform for his trouble.

Supergod #2
In Warren Ellis’ Supergod #2 we get introduced to more attempts by the world’s nations to create super powered beings. Here we meet an early attempt by Russia to create a cyborg. Inside that lumbering robot is an unfortunate cosmonaut.

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