Best of the Decade: Gadgets

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It’s hard to quantify an entire decade’s worth of innovation into a list of so few gadgets. We’ve seen a multitude of “world’s firsts” but few have had a lasting impact felt beyond the initial buzz that surrounds any new gadget launch. We looked for gadgets that either sparked a revolution or did something innovative enough to warrant a nod. Sure, I could have picked Nikon’s Coolpix P1 since it was the first digital camera with Wi-Fi, but why not pick the Eye-Fi SD card instead? USB flash drives became commonplace this last decade, but it’s just storage and not that sexy. Or what about the Bluetooth headset? I think you can see where I’m going with this.

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I originally wanted to do a Top 10 list, but couldn’t nail down the last two, so I’m leaving that up to you, reader. What two gadgets do you think should round out the gadgets of this decade?

Oh, one more thing. Look for the rest of Techland’s Best of the Decade lists over the course of this week and next.

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