It’s Happy Hour Somewhere, Right? Oh, There’s An App For That

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On the off chance that I manage to get out of the office at a reasonable hour, I like to partake in the consumption of a frosty beverage or two to calm the nerves. It might not help me sleep at night, but it’s a wonderful stress reliever. But the problem with living in NYC – and there aren’t very many – is that I never know which establishments have a happy hour. Or, which ones are actually worth going to. There’s an app for that, right?

Well, it seems there are handfuls of “happy hour” apps, but the Happy Hour App from Boomtown Apps claims to filter through the rubbish and deliver “a concise list for eager drinkers to find cheap booze” using their own custom database. The $2 app launches tonight and will serve up drinks to those in need of cheap booze in NYC, LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle and Nashville. Other cities will be included by year’s end.

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The app will locate parched libation seekers based on GPS coordinates (or you can input an address) and lists the proximity of each bar, optimal drinking times and cheapest prices. Which could turn out to be well worth the $1.99 spent when you’re not shelling out $6 for a can of PBR. If you don’t have an iPhone then fret not because Boomtown has a searchable database online. You can also follow their Twitter for nightlife news.

Now go have a drink because I’m still working, jerk.

Happy Hour App [iTunes]

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