Live Coverage: Fusion Garage Talks About the CrunchPad

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Fusion Garage informed TechCrunch last week that their partnership over the CrunchPad was over. Chandra Rathakrishnan is currently livecasting a press conference to unveil the CrunchPad and chat about what happened with Michael Arrington and co.

-It seems as though we haven’t heard the whole story, says Rathakrishnan.
-He’s basically ripping on Arrington right now
-TechCrunch was
-Fusion Garage owns all IP rights. TC didn’t attribute a single line of code.
-Talks over acquisition never amounted with anything.
-The CrunchPad is now the Joojoo.
-Boots within 9 seconds.
-12.1-inch capacitive touch-screen device. Portrait and landscape viewing modes.
-$499, sold online. Pre-orders available this Friday.


-There has been no lawsuit filed. FG owns the IP.
-No contracts of any kind between FG and TC.
-Michael never delivered on anything he promised to do.
-4GB SSD, everything is stored on the cloud. Built-in accelerometer. Full HD streaming.
-Battery life is 5 hours. Currently only Wi-Fi. No SIM card slot.
-Black only. Accessories will be released in the near term.
-FG has raised more than $3 million to date since 2008.
-FG feels there will be demand for this product and that it will be able to meet that demand.
-No content partnerships have been established.

Techland will have a hands-on with the Joojoo later on this week.