DCU 2010: The Return of Bruce Wayne

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DC is motoring right along with their 2010 announcements this week and today we learn that Bruce Wayne will be making his triumphant return to Gotham in a six-part miniseries penned by Grant Morrison. If you weren’t following Final Crisis or even Battle for the Cowl then you probably wouldn’t have picked up on the fact that Bruce Wayne had “died” and that a rat pack of miscreants was squabbling over who would take up the mantle. I won’t give anything away as far as Final Crisis is concerned but let’s just say that Bruce didn’t so much as die, rather, he went traveling through time.

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I just hope this means I won’t have to continue picking up Red Robin. Chris Sprouse will handle the art in issue #1 but several other artists will lend a hand as well. Morrison considers this to be a ‘definitive’ piece in the ongoing Batman epic. I wonder what he thinks of Batman: Earth One.

In an interview with USA Today, Morrison had this to say about Wayne’s return to modern day Gotham: “the status quo of the Batman universe will be changed completely after this book.” The Caped Crusader’s look will change with each period, so we’ll see Bruce as a Caveman, Pirate, Viking and even as a Cowboy. Can’t. Wait. Look for The Return of Bruce Wayne come April 2010.

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