A Sexy-Looking Caprica, Back in Action Monday

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Caprica’s coming back – and a little sooner than you may have expected.

We’ve been checking out some of the new show’s initial artwork, which is honestly pretty damn sexy (the message is clear: eat your fruit kids!), and then we saw that an extended PG cut of this spring’s pilot will be available again on Syfy Rewind come Monday. It’s all a big build-up to the full series premiere on Jan. 22.

I know the original pilot raised some eyebrows prior to its airing, with some people wondering if the BSG goodness could be successfully replicated in a prequel form. But once we got our first look at the Graystones and Adamas, and the pre-Cylon War melodrama, I thought the thing came off pretty awesome. Dark and cryptic, a little light on the sci-fi side of things but quite compelling emotionally.

Any thoughts on the return of Caprica? Excited for BSG to continue – in a new form? Or should they have left well enough alone? Let us know what you think; we’re thinking about covering the series in-depth right here at Techland.