Faceoff: Goo.gl vs. Bit.ly

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Looks like Google has updated its hit list.

The Internet king announced it will attempt to conquer URL shorteners and dethrone current crowned-prince-of-the-short, Bit.ly.

Via its blog on Monday, Google announced the launch of updated versions of the Google Toolbar and Feedburner, as well as the introduction of the Google URL Shortener Goo.gl – an obvious challenge to Bit.ly, even in name.

However, shortly after Google made its announcement/threat-of-further-world-domination, Bit.ly fired back. The company will launch Bit.ly Pro, which will provide sites with their own short domain names. (Example: nyti.ms for – you guessed it – The New York Times.) For now, a select group of sites are testing the service. (AOL, Bing, MTV, The New York Times and The Onion are just a few among the group.)

Though eventually Bit.ly might have much to fear, for now, its would-be-attacker Goo.gl can only be used through its Toolbar and Feedburner, making it unavailable to most Web users. Let the battle begin.

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