Iron Man 2 Trailer: ‘I have successfully privatized world peace’

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“I did you a big favor: I have successfully privatized world peace!”

Yes. The trailer we’ve been waiting for. This is the way the Iron Man 2 trailer should start. Cocky Tony Stark, talking smack to Congress. The crowds applauding, drowning out the Senator. Robert Downey Jr., flashing that cocky grin.

Cocky, and maybe a little naïve too.

Cue the creepy music, and the covers of Stark on Rolling Stone and Fortune, clearly getting lost in his own fame. Mix in a little Mickey Rourke, muttering in an eerie Russian accent, building something cryptic in his garage. And give us a pumped up, wigged-out Whiplash jumping onto a racetrack and upending the Indy race car Stark is driving. (Also on Techland: The top 10 sci-fi films of the decade)

I love it: You’ve got the national hero. The freaky bad guy. And then sprinkle in a little War Machine just for good measure. And you wind up with one of those 3-second kicker shots that drops your jaw.

Seriously: Jump right ahead to 2:15 and watch the Iron Duo unleash holy hell.

War Machine. Stark. Whiplash.

Bad. Ass.

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