The Best Review of ‘Phantom Menace’ I’ve Ever Seen

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Okay, so 70 minutes might be long for a movie review, but I promise you, this is worth it.

A seven-part series recently posted on YouTube by comedy writer and filmmaker Mike from Milwaukee, Wisconsin just rips apart Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace by pointing out the countless plot holes in the first Star Wars prequel.

The voice of an old, slobbering man with a speech impediment (and as you’ll later learn, other mental issues), explains the lack of a central plot or main character, the utter uselessness and confusion that is Qui-Gon Jinn, the failing wisdom of the Jedis, “why are we listening to this 14-year-old girl with no military experience?” and other things we’ve all noticed but haven’t had the strength to think about since we first saw the film.

It makes you angry all over again, but at least it also makes you laugh.

It’s pretty safe for work, minus a few swear words and, oh yeah, that one creepy part with the kidnapped woman…