The Top 10 Spaceships: A Tale of Thrusters and Heat Shields

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FULL LIST: The Top 10 Spaceships

It was less than a week ago that I finally saw “Avatar,” and what I enjoyed most about James Cameron’s epic was navigating through his fictional universe, learning about it all as I went along: New species, ecosystems, worlds and futuristic technologies used by the humans who are invading Pandora. Included in Cameron’s vision are also a bunch of new attack vehicles used by the marines to wage war against the Na’vi:  Chief among them are the Samson, a massive new transport vehicle that can also haul some serious bombs, and the Scorpion, a smaller attack chopper that can go dense into the brush to target the natives.

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These are fun new ships – but then again Cameron has always been good about thinking about new hardware when it comes to designing futuristic sci-fi visions. Come to think of it, all great sci-fi films take technology to a new plateau. And so “Avatar” got us thinking: What are the very best spaceships that have ever been dreamt up and designed to star at the center a sci-fi spectacle?

This list is our answer. Let the debate commence. (And for the record we limited the list to two “Star Wars” spacecrafts because you could easily create an entire top 10 list out of only “Star Wars” designs)

FULL LIST: The Top 10 Spaceships