Is Google Working On Its Own Netbook?

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I still don’t see the validity in netbooks. In fact, I’m looking at an HP netbook on my desk that I haven’t touched in over a month. But they’re wildly popular, so what do I know?

MArrington is citing sources that claim Google has handed an RFP to a hardware manufacturer to begin discussions about making the ideal Chrome OS netbook. Google announced a short while ago at the Chrome OS press conference that the only way to get Chrome OS (legally) is to purchase one of the upcoming netbooks in Q4 2010. It seems as though the hardware specs are rather detailed but nothing has been confirmed. Arrington postulates that they will be “mobile enabled” and subsidized by carriers. Umm. Duh.

If nothing else, I hope these things are packed with Nvidia’s Tegra chipset (if they ever come out) and not Intel’s Atom processor.