Panel of the Week 12/16/09

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Christmas is near and this year I’ve asked for multi-colored fits of anger, vigilante brutality, silly costumes, and revamped classic villains! Or maybe I’m just fidgety because that Iron Man 2 trailer dropped and I want laser whips so, so bad. Here it is, your Panel of the Week!

Green Lantern Corps #43
When Green Lantern Guy Gardner sees his fellow Lantern, Kyle Rayner, passing away on the battlefield he snaps. His inner rage triggers an invitation to the Red Lanterns and wielding two rings, one Green, one Red, begins throwing a serious tantrum. At one point he becomes literally spitting mad, barfing up a torrent of red spikes onto his enemies. Brilliant.

Moon Knight #4
Here’s the thing about the Moon Knight, I really want to love him. He’s all about delighting in beating the snot out of bad guys. I mean, he really loves it. I guess the writers who handle him worry a bit too much about turning him into Bats because they insist on writing the most ridiculous story lines. All I really want is 22 pages of Moony jumping out of crescent choppers and doing this to low level thugs. Is that so wrong?

Incorruptible #1
Over in Irredeemable the biggest, most powerful super in the world, The Plutonian, went bad. He’s an unstoppable force and he’s on a rampage. The flip side of this coin is Incorruptable. Max Damage, a career criminal and leader of thugs changes his tune and tries to become a hero. He even takes a bullet for a police officer.

Ultimate Armor Wars #3
One of the things I have always loved about Ultimate Iron Man is the fact that his armor doesn’t look like it’s just thick spandex. It looks like something mechanical, something powerful, something remotely plausible. It wasn’t until some British special forces stole the technology and changed the helmet a little bit that I realized it’s friggin Master Chief. Oh well.

Captain America Reborn #5
Of all the rouges in the Marvel gallery few are as ridiculous as MODOK. The Military Organism Designed Only for Killing. That’s really what it stands for. And he’s been around for over 40 years. I suppose given his title that it makes sense for the Red Skull to make a squadron of them to kill super heroes. They are probably pretty good at it. Doesn’t really change the fact that it looks like a flotilla of furious Macy’s parade balloons coming atcha.