Techland Round Up: This Week in Geek

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12/13 – 12/19

It was another Week of Lists here in Techland, and for your amusement, we doled out more best of the year/decade lists in comics, gadgets, gaming and film. We also worked our tails off to prep you for what could be called the biggest event in film so far. So get your specs on, Avatar is here.

Oh, and James Cameron almost died filming The Abyss. Crazy? Crazy. We talk about it here and here. But enough about us. Here’s what you didn’t see in tech this week:

  • Blu-ray announced that the final 3D specification is finished for a future 3D player. (Bonus Points: 3D disks will also be compatible with PS3.) At first, we thought it was awesome, and then, we didn’t anymore. The reality is still too far off to get that excited.
  • Again, people are preparing for the apocalypse now that Facebook has fiddled with its settings – only this time, they’re doing it with lawsuits. Speaking of the end of the world, Blackberry e-mail went down for a few hours this week. Panic, or at least major news stories, ensued. Oh, and Sweden picketed outside of Apple Headquarters.
  • McDonalds will now offer free Wi-Fi beginning in January. Because everyone wants to bring their laptops into loud, sticky fast food joints and walk out smelling like a bad chicken nugget.
  • Vice President Joe Biden unrolled the government’s $182 million stimulus plan: bringing broadband to rural America. Too bad women won’t be helping with the installation process because apparently geeks drive ladies away from computer science.
  • Google delved further into slowly owning everything on the Internet, but not before France put it in its place – complete with a hefty fine. Sacrebleu.

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