Nexus One Unboxed, Caught On Camera (Again)

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It comes as no surprise that pictures and videos of the Nexus One keep trickling out. But the almighty Google has since pulled said videos and images of the device have been less than spectacular. We’ve known about the QR code, but nobody had the balls to share those images with the rest of the world. No one even bothered to capture video beyond the boot up screen. The “unboxings” have been a bust until now.

The nerd collective now has something to gawk over until the next batch of images and video hit the series of tubes we call the Interwebs. So, to the guy who has his grubby mitts on the Nexus One, we thank you. Thanks for the shot of the QR code. Thanks for the shot of the box. Thanks for the posterior shot sans battery cover and thanks for the video that’s marginally better than previous ones.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.4266310&w=425&h=350]

Is it weird that the “x” in Nexus One looks similar to the “x” in XNA?

(via TechCrunch)