App Club: Earth Vs. Moon

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Christmastime is here. It may not surprise you to know that your correspondent isn’t a great lover of the holiday season. As I write this I’m listening to MC Kreacher’s “My Wish List.” It soothes my black grinchy heart.

Casual gaming has gotten me through many a grim holiday season. Snood in particular — well do I remember hours spent hiding in a spare bedroom, crouched over an ancient 486 machine running Windows 95, snow pelting down outside, grinding through level after level of Snood. Actually, that was a great time. Never mind, I love the holiday season.

Anyway, the Snood app for iPhone is pretty weak. So this year I’m going with Earth Vs. Moon, a witty, stylish-looking little riff on vintage arcade gameplay.

That’s it. I’m out. Joyeux Noel, and see you on the other side. “I’m a mean little elf, I can’t help myself … “