What We’re Looking Forward To In 2010: Gadgets

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In a little over a week I’ll be in Las Vegas for CES. It’s my hope – along with every other tech journo – that the annual trade show will serve as center stage for some groundbreaking announcement by a major (or minor) CE company. It’s doubtful, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I don’t expect Palm to make as big a splash as they did last year with the announcement of webOS.

Also, in case you didn’t know, most of the major CE companies, like Samsung, Sony, etc., typically hold their press conferences the day before the show actually opens. Sort of takes the fun out of going to CES, right?

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that 3D will dominate the show, but, like most of you, I purchased a HDTV in recent years. And I’m not completely convinced that the 3D theater experience can be replicated at home. But that’s neither here nor there. CES is not indicative of things to come in a given year. Stranger things have happened though.

Perhaps my line of work has made me entirely too jaded to be excited about much, but I can tell you what I’m looking forward to in 2010.

Apple Tablet/iSlate/Maxi Pad


This all depends on what OS the vaunted tablet from Cupertino will be running, but more on that later today or tomorrow. I have a few ideas floating around the ole noggin. I doubt there isn’t one technology pundit that isn’t excited for this thing to come out.

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Truth be told, I know a thing or two about Android 2.1 and the Nexus One, but I’m not at liberty to divulge any details. It’s pretty rad and I’ll leave it at that.

2010 will be a make or break year for Android. With a gaggle of devices slated to hit the market, the Android Marketplace must attract quality developers away from the iPhone platform in order to draw interest from potential buyers. With millions of iPhone users downloading apps at a rabid pace, it’s no wonder that developers are investing in the one platform and scoffing at the rest.

If the manufacturers can produce decent hardware (large screen, good camera, etc.) then it’ll be a step in the right direction. I expect big things from HTC in 2010.

Palm webOS


The hardware has been lacking and Palm really needs to trim the fat on webOS to make it really fly. It’s a great platform, but needs some drastic changes to be even better. I hope Palm’s CES press conference is just as exciting as last years.

We’re done with the creepy commercials, right?

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Chrome OS


Google is the new Skynet but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m convinced that a diabolical (good in this case) master plan has been set in motion and we’re just now seeing and noticing pieces to the puzzle. Google’s Chrome OS may only be available on netbooks (to start), but let’s see what happens after they’ve been deployed into the wild and tested by the masses.

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Front-facing camera? Carrier switch? Flash support? Skies the limit with the 4th generation iPhone.


If it wasn’t for BBM, I wouldn’t use my BlackBerry anymore. It’s getting harder and harder to justify having a BlackBerry anymore with iPhone, Android and webOS devices.

The hardware lately has been fantastic, but the OS is being held together by duct tape. Developers have said in the past that programming for BlackBerry OS is a nightmare. Which OS do you code for? 4.x? 5.x? RIM needs to trim the product line down to a couple models: one with a camera and one without. Development on the Webkit browser needs to be put at the top of the list of things to do for RIM. A lot of other things need to happen as well, but you get where I’m going with this. Boy Genius pretty much hit on the head back in June.

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I’ve got a good feeling about 2010. Anything you’re looking forward to? What did I miss? Keep in mind that I’m a jaded bastardo and thinks everything sucks.