The New Inception Trailer: OMG They Remade Dreamscape

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OK, true story: last year I’m on a flight to L.A., and the guy in the seat next to me is working on some kind of production schedule for a movie. I’m not shoulder-surfing, but he’s got a MacBook that’s so deluxe it basically stretches over three seats. Plus he gets way pissed when the outlet he’s plugged into craps out and his battery dies, and he hassles the stewardess, so his business becomes my business.

Anyhoo, the title of the movie he was working on was Inception. At the time I didn’t know what that was. Now I do, sort of:¬†it’s Christopher Nolan’s long-awaited¬†Dreamscape remake! Am I right? Eh? That cheesy 80’s scifi movie, which I saw twice in the theater, where Dennis Quaid has the power to enter your dreams? (Oh Dennis — you were already there!) And that scary-looking guy from The Warriors is all, “I’m a god in here!”

Yeah, let’s roll some footage:

Yes, that’s Christopher Plummer, finally finding the creative fulfillment he never achieved in The Sound of Music.