The Underrated Sci-Fi Film Festival

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UPDATE (Jan. 10): The final list has just been announced! Go here to see which films made the cut.

One week people – only seven days until the polls close. For weeks now, we have narrowed the pack, looking to craft a list of the five most underrated sci-fi movie masterpieces. You can find the full list of 20 contenders here. We will be tabulating the votes next Wednesday, and will announce our list on Jan. 6.

But prior to that, I’ve been using this process as an excuse to go back to so many of my favorite sci-fi films, eager to see them again through fresh eyes. This weekend, in fact, I’ve scheduled something of an underrated sci-fi marathon as my New Year’s entertainment (Yes, I know, I’ve got a pretty hard job here):

Friday – Silent Running, Primer and Alien3

Saturday – The Fountain, Solaris (1972)

Sunday – Sunshine, Tron, Predator and  Andromeda Strain

How about the rest of you? Has this whole exercise led you back to any of your all-time favorites? Do you share my euphoria in walking out of a DVD rental store (yes, sometimes I still go to actual rental stores) ahead of a holiday weekend, with a stack of titles under your arm? What stories would make your New Year’s Sci-Fi Marathon?

Might as well rent those movies now; only a week until our official announcement! Be sure to cast your votes –