What We’re Looking Forward To In 2010: Sci-fi TV

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Though the 2010 pilot season won’t be here until August, the new year is upon us, and this means we must look to the future of our prime time entertainment. With the cancellation of Joss Whedon’s FOX series Dollhouse, we’re left (once again) to pick up the pieces of our sci-fi/fantasy TV fandom and look elsewhere.

Here’s what we’re looking forward to on the small screen in 2010

A BBC spinoff of Doctor Who (with much more nerve), Torchwood’s future was a little up in the air after the success of it’s third season, Torchwood: Children of Earth. Still, rumors are swirling once again that the show will return for a fourth season in 2010.


After five stranded seasons, ABC will wrap up its sci-fi Gilligan’s Island with the sixth and final season, slated to kick off on Feb. 2. We’re expecting one hell of a finish for the survivors of Flight 815, and the lack of teasers for the first few episodes makes us even more curious.


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