Eye-Fi Unveils A Smarter 8GB Pro X2 Wi-Fi SD Memory Card

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Rarely, if ever, do I find memory cards exciting, but then again, not all memory card manufacturers are doing what Eye-Fi are currently doing. Makers of the first Wi-Fi SD cards have revealed the 8GB Pro X2 this morning. It’s $150, which is a heck of a lot for an SD card, but this one might actually be worth it.

It not only boasts Class 6 speeds thanks to Eye-Fi’s speedy X2 engine and supports the 802.11b/g/n standards but it also features an “Endless Memory” mode that automagically clears room on the card. Users can set a threshold via the Eye-Fi Center that automatically deletes files starting with the oldest after they’ve been successfully uploaded. Just like the previous Pro model, the 8GB Pro X2 supports ad hoc connectivity as well as JPEG, RAW and video formats.

It’s available for pre-order starting today at Eye.Fi.

Oh, the Eye-Fi Center will also see an update today.

“Eye-Fi will also introduce a new desktop application that replaces Eye-Fi’s Web based application for managing your Eye-Fi card and experience. The new Eye-Fi Center will offer all users:

• The ability to easily select and publish photos and videos to different online locations – no more limitations on where photos can be shared
• Drag and drop capabilities so users can easily import any photos and videos into the Eye-Fi experience for easier sharing (even those memories not uploaded with Eye-Fi)
• The ability to access some features even when not connected to the Internet – such as adding a wireless network
• A redesigned interface for easier navigation”