Liveblog: Google’s Android Press Event

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We’re coming to you live from Google’s Mountain View, CA, campus. What can we expect from today’s announcement? All signs point to the Nexus One.

Here’s what we know so far in terms of specs:

• Built by HTC
• Android 2.1
• 1GHz Snapdragon processor
• 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive touch-screen (480×800)
• 5-megapixel camera w/ LED flash

Keep refreshing for updates.

9:13 AM PST: We’re on the ground at Google. Waiting to get our registration badges.
9:22 AM PST: And we’re in.

9:24 AM PST: Click on the images to enlarge, folks.
9:42 AM PST: I see several HTC folks including Peter Chou.

9:52 AM PST: Big ups to Google for providing power strips.
9:53 AM PST: Thumbs down for playing terrible music. At least it’s not Coldplay.

10:05 AM PST: We’re starting now.
10:06 AM PST: Google will unveil the next evolution in Android today. Going through history of Android now.
10:07 AM PST: 52 OHA members. 12 additional members today including China Telecom.

10:10 AM PST: In 2009 there were 4 major software releases.
10:12 AM PST: Android continues to be developer friendly because of its open source licensing. Lower manufacturing costs for quicker turnaround onto the market. Android architecture allows “always on” applications.
10:14 AM PST: What’s next for Android?
10:16 AM PST: Get on with it, man!
10:17 AM PST: “What if we worked even more closely with our partners to bring devices to market that help showcase the great software technology we’re working on at Google?”
Nexus One is where web meets the phone.

10:21 AM PST: 3.7-inch AMOLED screen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

10:23 AM PST: Sorry about the blurry image, folks. Peter moved too quick for me.

10:23 AM PST: Going through specs. Stuff we already know.

10:24 AM PST: Multi-colored trackball! Calls over Bluetooth will trigger a blue flash. Emails are white.

10:25 AM PST: Sensors: light and proximity.

10:26 AM PST: 11.5mm thick. 130g.

10:28 AM PST: Active noise cancellation. Sensors on the top and bottom of the device. Stereo Bluetooth A2DP.
10:28 AM PST: Custom engraving on the metal bezel.

10:32 AM PST: Weather widgets use the built-in GPS to display local weather. You can even get hour-by-hour temps by sliding your finger across the screen.

10:34 AM PST: Live and dynamic wallpapers.
10:35 AM PST: Please tell us something we don’t know. Yes, the icons scroll off the screen like the opening text in Star Wars.
10:37 AM PST: New galleries. Photos “dip” when you tilt the device. WOW. Background sync with Picasa. “Innovation” I don’t think so.

10:39 AM PST: Blathering on about voice search.

10:40 AM PST: Android 2.1 enables every text field in the device. They just demoed the voice-to-text in an e-mail. Hits the server and learns as you use it.
10:42 AM PST: Google Earth for Android is now being demoed. I’ll have video up shortly. Voice search even works within the app. If you’ve used the desktop app then you know how the Android app will work.
10:45 AM PST: Google is calling the Nexus One “super phones”.
10:46 AM PST: Google will sell the device through their own web store.
10:46 AM PST: Available today from T-Mobile USA at You can purchase the Nexus One with or without service. No word on price, but we’re being told that it’ll be comparable to other smartphone devices.
10:48 AM PST: Other Android devices will be available in the store. Verizon Wireless and Vodafone have jumped onboard to sell devices through Google.

10:49 AM PST: 3D demo of device in store. $529 without activation. $179 with T-Mobile. Verizon DROID will be available via Google in the spring as well. Vodafone will carry the Nexus One in Europe.

10:52 AM PST: Two lines of laser engraving! You can even see what it will look while you type in your message!

10:53 AM PST: Test markets in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore.
10:55 AM PST: Google Store is now live. Everyone at the event is getting a Nexus One.
10:57 AM PST: Quick video of the Nexus One. Now onto the Q&A. Anyone want to know anything?
10:58 AM PST: “Why only 512MB of memory for apps?” Apps are stored on the internal ROM. Helps prevent piracy. We’ll finally be able to store apps on the microSD card with a future upgrade.
11:01 AM PST: Devices ship today. Google is the merchant of record.
11:02 AM PST: Advertising for Nexus One, Web store and Android Market will live online.
11:03 AM PST: “Why was Google involved with the Nexus One? When will Android 2.1 be available for the Droid?” Everyone will get the update within a few days. Google worked on 2.1 while HTC designed the device.
11:06 AM PST: Question about Google getting involved in selling hardware. “We shouldn’t focus on retailing. Android is an ecosystem of partnerships. We’re working closely with our handset partners. The retailing of it is important because it’s another channel that’s not meant to replace another channel.”
11:08 AM PST: Question about advertising and how to make money with the Nexus One. Revenue model stays the same with advertising.
11:09 AM PST: Wi-Fi built-in. Tethering is a technical issue at the moment.
11:10 AM PST: Question about data usage, etc. It’s up to carriers. No bandwidth issues from Google’s perspective.
11:14 AM PST: Is the physical keyboard dead? No. Don’t forget about all the built-in Voice capabilities.

11:17 AM PST: They’re totally bypassing questions about multi-touch.

11:19 AM PST: Frequency of Android devices is high. “Should we wait for the next one to be announced at Google?” “You’ll be waiting a long time.”
11:21 AM PST: The baldish guy is now asking questions about the purchase process.
11:24 AM PST: Physical devices will not be available at carrier partner stores. The Nexus One will only be sold online.
11:29 AM PST: Did someone really just ask how well Android devices will do against Windows Mobile this year? Seriously? Windows Mobile?
11:30 AM PST: Motorola’s Sanjay Jha is now here fielding questions.

11:33 AM PST: We’ll have our hands-on with the Nexus One shortly after 12PM PST.

11:33 AM PST: Even though HTC and Motorola are direct competitors they’re working to build the Android ecosystem together.
11:39 AM PST: Nexus One will be available through Verizon in the future.
11:40 AM PST: Will Google Voice come to the iPhone? Google is not opposed to GV being on other platforms because it’s all open source.
11:41 AM PST: And that’s a wrap. We’re heading down to get our Nexus One.

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