The 3D Soccer Match No One Will See In 3D

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ESPN just announced its plan to implement a 3D TV station – not a surprising move as the countdown toward this year’s “3D Polooza” themed CES is upon us.

The station will kick off with an inaugural broadcast of The South Africa-Mexico World Cup match on June 11, but now the big question is: Who will watch? I’m not sure sports spectators will be the first crew lining up to wear 3D specs in their own living rooms or while fist pumping in a sports bar. (Ha, can you picture that?) Personally, I think the Discovery/Sony/Imax channel – also announced today –  has a better shot at a good fan base early on. (Bring on the 3D sharks!)

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Still, though 3D is certainly home entertainment’s next big push, it’s such a large expense in period of little economic growth.

Last month, Business Week reported that the cost of adapting your living room for 3D could run you about $4,000. Yeah, ouch. I also don’t know if I can see everyone who recently upgraded to an HDTV upgrading again this quickly. The good news is that we’re likely to see some pretty awesome technology come out of CES, and hopefully (as with all new gadgets) the price of 3D equipped TVs will melt down into affordability. We’ll wait for Peter to bring us the news. Stay tuned.