Android Comes To AT&T

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Wow. This just in from CES:

AT&T just announced its very first Android phone, as well as its plan for five new phones, a massive upgrade of its 3G network, and a plan to offer mobile apps to non-smartphone users.

AT&T is the last of the major wireless companies to offer a phone operating with the Android OS. The first will likely be from Dell, who is only reporting that the smartphone will be “from the Mini 3 Android-based lineup” as well as an AT&T exclusive. Also among the new devices is the HTC smartphone also based on the Android platform and the new Motorola device, powered by MOTOBLUR. Head of Consumer Services Ralph de la Vega also said that the company will sell phones using Palm’s WebOS during the first half of this year.

Among its other goals, AT&T announced it will offer app stores for all major operating systems, begin app development for the new devices immediately and create an easy-to-distribute plan for app developers along with a new AT&T Virtual Innovation Lab.

And finally, comes a face lift for the 3G Network, which AT&T says will provide better connectivity, speed and increase its network efficiency. The company says they’ll do this by enhancing its cell site backhaul connections over the next two years and by “adding capacity from cell sites to the AT&T backbone network.”