CES Keynote: Microsoft Shows Off HP Slate [Update]

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There have been multiple rumors that Microsoft would be revealing a tablet during Steve Ballmer’s keynote today at CES. Turns out those rumors were true. No, it’s not the Courier or anything that’s meant to compete with Apple’s purported tablet. HP is building the device but it won’t be available anytime soon. Lenovo is also showing off the A300, which is a 18.5mm thick all-in-one PC with a 21.5-inch full HD LED display. Riveting, I know.

6:31 PM PST: We’ll add images as we get them. The above text was pre-published.
6:38 PM PST: Still waiting.
6:40 PM PST: MS is having issues with power. Awesome.
6:50 PM PST: 20 minutes behind schedule. Super!
6:56 PM PST: I wonder how many shirts Ballmer sweat through in the last 26 minutes.
6:57 PM PST: Feel free to watch the live stream of the keynote here.

Update: Here’s what we know so far about the Slate:

Runs Windows OS (duh)
Ships later this year
Frogger works on it