Exclusive Screenshots: The Ladies of ‘Spy-Fi’ Game ‘Global Agenda’

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Massively multiplayer online games these days are a dime a dozen, but the new game from Alpharetta, Georgia-based Hi-Rez Studios is trying to mix up the genres at least. According to Hi-Rez, Global Agenda is a blend of sci-fi and secret agent, which the developers are dubbing “spy-fi.”

The game’s deep backstory is set in the 22nd century, and following a worldwide disaster, Earth is ruled by a despotic government. With a shortage of habitable land, it’s every man — and woman — for themselves.

While Global Agenda‘s got some unique features (Jetpacks? Yes, please), one particular thing they’re touting is the title’s female characters. But not in the way that you’d think…

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Since both men and women are available as player-characters shooting guns, the developers thought it was silly to have cleavage-baring ladies with no protection. “It’s a little easier in fantasy games as it could be explained away with magic, or her ability to finesse around the other characters,” explained lead character artist Sean McBride. “It’s a little different when you put guns into the mix and think about someone not wearing body armor around their heart.”

Hence the females in full protective body armor. “I actually find myself drawn more to female characters that are tough and driven, not all cutesy,” McBride adds.

Below are a few exclusive screenshots of the ladies in armor similar to their male counterparts. And they’re not “cutesy.” A description I was sent for the images reads, “Although some fans of Global Agenda might lament their lack of shamelessly exposed flesh, these deadly women are the super soldiers of the future, not exotic dancers. To them, true beauty lies in the perfectly timed explosive, the inevitable satisfaction of a poisoned blade, or the immaculately precise sniper shot.”

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Indeed. Check out the women (and men) of Global Agenda when the game launches February 1st.

(Click the images to enlarge.)

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