New Sling Media Products: Placeshifting Just Got Sexier

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Sling Media, part of EchoStar Corporation, unveiled these four new TV service products today at CES:

The Sling Monitor 150 (above) is a relatively light, portable flat screen display that wirelessly takes a viewer’s primary HD DVR video content to any place in the home. No need for cables or another DVR.

The Sling Receiver 300 is a companion to a SlingLoaded set-top box such as the EchoStar SlingLoaded 922 HD DVR that delivers an HD DVR’s full HD video stream to any other television in the home using a home network. Again, no need for cables or a second DVR.

The Sling Touch Control 100 is a touch-screen remote control with an interface based on SlingMedia’s popular SlingGuide electronic program guide.  It controls SlingGuide-enabled DVRs as well as most line-of-sight controlled audio/visual devices.

The Slingbox 700U adds Slingbox capabilities to an existing Internet-connected set-top-box with a USB port such as the EchoStar 722K.  Using the connection, an existing HD set-top box gives viewers the ability to watch HDTV via the web-based SlingPlayer anywhere in the world on a PC, Macintosh or smart mobile device.