TV Goes Mobile Thanks To FLO/mophie

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More from CES: FLO TV and mophie are teaming up to bring live TV to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The service will be available via a mophie intelligent case named the juice pack TV that fits around the iPhone or iPod Touch, turning it into the TV that lives in your jacket pocket. The pack has a built-in external battery that provides an extra four hours of battery life, and the pack’s battery charge is always drained first.

The coolest part is that this is actually live TV streaming into your device, not a download. Users must sign up for the service subscription, and though there is no word on channel options, mophie’s Web site claims that it will provide most larger networks, including CBS, CNBC, Comedy Central, FOX, MTV and NBC.

A FLO TV press release says we should see juice packs during the first half of 2010.

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