Live: Palm’s 2010 CES Press Event

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10:55AM PST: Coming to you live from the Palm press conference.
10:58AM PST: Playing a little MGMT. Fairly small gathering compared to last year.
11:00AM PST: We’re off. Rubinstein is on stage. Going over stats. 85k SDK downloads in 108 countries with over 20k registrations from developers.

11:04AM PST: Rubinstein continues to talk about the Pre and Pixi. Nothing new yet. Customized Pixi back covers are limited edition!
11:05AM PST: Pre can now be found in 7 countries: US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Mexico.

11:08AM PST: New European partner for Palm in France, SFR. Pre and Pixi coming in Q2 to France. Jean-Marc Tassetto, SEVP from SFR is now on stage.
11:12AM PST: Palm brand is popular in France. SFR brought 3G to France in 2004.
11:13AM PST: 800 SFR shops throughout France.
11:14AM PST: “We go where the best smartphones are in the world. Started in Cupertino and ended up in Sunnyvale.”
11:15AM PST: So Palm is bringing the Pre to France a year after it was first launched. Are we going to see anything new today?
11:16AM PST: Developer talk. Snooze. Brew officially going into Palm app store.
11:18AM PST: Application distribution: database of apps opening up to developer community.

11:21AM PST: webOS Plug-in Dev kit being released today.

11:23AM PST PDK being released at GDC. New games coming starting today from Laminar, EA, Glu and Gameloft.

11:25AM PST: Travis Boatman from EA Mobile is now on stage. Sims 3 and Need For Speed demos.

11:29AM PST: Need for Speed looks good on the Pre. We’ll have video shortly.

11:30AM PST: Video recording finally coming. Videos can be edited on the device and uploaded to multiple sharing sites like YouTube, etc. Software update coming in February. “No new hardware required.”

11:35AM PST: Adobe Flash 10 support. Beta app coming for Pre owners shortly.

11:37AM PST 9 OTAs since June 2009.

11:40AM PST: Two new devices: Pre Plus (16GB internal memory, Touchstone ready out of the box) and Pixi Plus (now with Wi-Fi).
11:42AM PST: Both devices are coming to Verizon. Mobile hotspot app for Plus devices. You can tether up to 5 devices to your Pre+/Pixi+.

11:46AM PST: Coming January 25, no pricing.

11:51AM PST: And that’s a wrap.