Panel of the Week – 1/6/10

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The holidays have passed us by and normal new comic Wednesdays have mercifully returned. Big Marvel events return to center stage and indy gems fly under the radar. So let’s see what kind of action made the cut for the Panel of the Week.

Siege #1
Well, it’s only a four issue series so I guess Marvel can’t waste any time. Norman and well, everyone, invade Asgard. It’s a chilling reminder of the power this maniac wields as the leader of HAMMER. Which isn’t even an acronym for something!

Mass Effect Redemption #1
In the universe of Mass Effect they don’t have the ‘Force’. But they do have biotics. It’s kind of a poor man’s Force. Liara T’Soni will take it in a pinch, though.

Haunt #4
No one is calling Haunt a revelation but it is nice, now and then, to get down with some real 90’s style violence. Here Venom, err… Haunt, asks the age old question: “Where’s your nose?”.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6
The end of the first arc saw only the destruction of a lame spider-slayer, no consequences for Mysterio, oh and the true identity of Shroud. Turns out it’s Kitty Pryde. Whatever gets her out of that ridiculous no-eyed Shadowcat outfit.

Green Monk
This indy comic actually came out last week (the infamous week of no comics) so I missed it. But the small size (3’x5″) didn’t deter me this week. This is a great book where every page is a single panel. Most are all action, like this one where the ogre, Oxbreaker, gets cut with the green blade.