Razer Making Motion-sensing Controllers for the PC, Demoing with ‘Left 4 Dead 2’

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Watch out, Wii.

At CES today, gaming hardware maker Razer announced that they’re developing a motion-sensing controller for the PC with the help of Sixense Entertainment.

According to the press release:

Razer and Sixense scientists and engineers along with select PC OEM partners have been working on ultra-precise one-to-one motion sensing controllers that use electromagnetic fields to track precise movements along all six axes for use in current and future generation PC games. The absolute controller position is tracked to within a mere millimeter for positioning and to a degree for orientation.

Razer and Sixense are also working with Valve’s co-op, team-based FPS Left 4 Dead 2 to demonstrate the device on the show floor, and products utilizing the motion-sensing technology shown at CES will be launched later in 2010.