XpanD & VIZIO Introduce First 3D Specs With Bluetooth

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First come the fancy 3D TVs, then the fancy 3D eye ware.

From CES: VIZIO unveiled its new line of XVT HD3D TVs: Three sets – a 72-in. for $3,499, a 55-in. for $2,499 and a 47-in. for $1,999 – that will ship in August and couple with Bluetooth-equipped active shutter 3D glasses from XpanD (along with 3D tech company SENSIO). In fact, you’ll have to buy the XpanD glasses to watch a 3D-ready VIZIO screen. (Competitors in the 3D specs market (like RealD) have teamed up with JVC, Samsung and Sony.) And, with rumors swirling that prices could be anywhere from $50 to $100 a pop, your average family movie night is sounding pretty pricey.

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The glasses will communicate with the VIZIO TVs via Bluetooth (the first to do so) to activate the lenses that will then sync up to the image on the screen. If active shutter glasses were not synced with the TV, you would run the risk of seeing the wrong frame at the wrong instant, which would make for one weird picture.