Rumor: Head of France Telecom Confirms Apple Tablet

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Until Apple PR begins sending around press invites to the purported January 27th (or is it 26th?) event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, I’m inclined to keep my trap shut about the slate/iSlate/tablet/Yeti.

However, it appears that I’m unable to do so thanks to France Telecom exec Stéphane Richard who confirmed to Europe 1 that the tablet would launch in “a few days” on Orange. Let’s assume that this is true for a second, but only for a second because Richard also claims that the device will have a webcam.

Jean Pierre Elkabbach: “According to the weekly Le Point, a few days your partner Apple will launch a Tablet with a webcam”

Stéphane Richard: “Yes”

Jean Pierre Elkabbach: “Is that Orange users will also benefit”

Stéphane Richard, “Sure!”

If you’re interested and understand French then jump to the 6-minute mark (or so) and have a listen.

(via Nowhere Else)